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5 Reasons It is Important to Wash Your Roof Before Thanksgiving

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With Turkey Day being right around the corner, making sure your home is perfectly clean is the high priority on the list. Cleaning the rooms, bathrooms, and walls may be major tasks to take on before your guests arrive, but making sure the exterior of your home is clean is just as important. This is why it is best to take care of it before Thanksgiving so that your holiday runs smoothly. 

Health of Family and Friends

When family and friends come for the holidays having a clean exterior is what will greet them. A clean roof is not only a beautiful aspect of your home, it is also the protection from all of the outside elements flying around. So, having a perfectly clean roof will help with continuing to keep your family protected.

Impress Your Family

A clean roof will not only protect your family from the outside, but also impress them with the beauty of your home. Once your family arrives, they will want to tour your home and see what makes it so appealing, which is why cleaning the roof is important. A clean roof will leave a lasting impression of your home.

Right Kind of Temperature

Cleaning your roof before the wet and cold weather hits is the best time to do it. Continuing to put off cleaning it will make it harder to clean if the weather is wet. If there is a chance of snow hitting the ground, making sure your roof is cleaned and secure before the snow comes will guarantee your holidays will be fun.

Get Rid of the Pests Before Thanksgiving

An unclean roof attracts mice and other pests to your home. These pests are usually attracted to the smell of rotting wood and they will nest on your home if they have the chance. Making sure these pests and their nests are gone before Thanksgiving guests arrive will help with feeling safe.

Save Your Money

A clean roof will help with saving money on your utility bills as well as any future repairs. A roof that is full of dirt and mold will force your air conditioning/heating unit to work harder to keep the temperature of the home maintained. Your dirty roof could make the home warmer than it should be if not cleaned properly.

Once your roof is cleaned, you will be set to kick off the festivities of your Thanksgiving holiday with a clean home and good food.