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In the last several years there has been a lot of new terms in our industry. You hear about Pressure Washing, House Soft Washing, Roof Soft Washing, Surface Cleaning and Hot Water Pressure Washing just to name a few.People also use the terms power washing and pressure washing which are both the same thing.
To decide on which service is needed it typically just comes down to what surface you are trying to clean. Hopefully this page will help clear up any confusion and give you the knowledge you need to schedule the proper service for your project.
Our Sunco techs finishing up a roof cleaning job in Bluffton.
Sunco technician washing off soffits on a stucco home.

House Soft Washing

House Soft washing is still performed with a pressure washer, we just make a few changes to get the pressure down into the range we need. Instead of using high pressure tips we use tips with a large orifice so that the pressure is lowered but the volume of water is at the max.
Our large commercial pressure washers are capable of spraying 10 gallons of water per minute. This large volume of water is how we are able to rinse all the dirt and debris off of your house so efficiently and without damage.
House Soft Washing starts with a detergent which applied at around 300 PSI. The water coming out of our spray guns is at such a low pressure you can even rinse your hands off with the stream without hurting yourself. So obviously it is not enough pressure to damage your home. You never want to have high pressure used on your home. High pressure can damage your home and windows, removing paint and blowing out window seals. House soft washing is the new industry standard.

Concrete & Driveway Cleaning

We have talked about the house and the roof. Now lets go over the last type of pressure washing we provide. Concrete and hardscape pressure washing covers a lot. Pool decks, driveways, patios, drive throughs, sidewalks and parking lot cleaning all fall under this category. Where a low pressure soft wash is used on siding and roofing, high pressure is used to clean these hard surfaces.
We use a walk behind surface cleaner which is powered by our commercial pressure washers to evenly clean concrete and other hard surfaces. A surface cleaner allows us clean at a safe distance from the surface at the exact pressure needed. For really dirty concrete like drive throughs and gas stations we go even further by using our hot water pressure washers to cut through grease, oil and road grime.
Concrete cleaning service in progress


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Soft wash

The Safest & Best Way to Clean

Action shot of our pressure washing service.
If your roof is starting to show dark black vertical streaks and darkening overall then a roof soft wash is the service you are looking for. This discoloration is caused by a type of bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. Its ideal environment is the warm, humid climate that Hilton Head and Bluffton provides, so it’s a common issue on roofing.
Here’s the issue: Gloeocapsa Magma isn’t just ugly. It actually feeds on the limestone in your shingles. This means that you’re losing out on curb appeal, roofing longevity, and even energy efficiency.
The good news is that Sunco can take that dirty, ugly roof and turn back the clock making it look new again. A roof soft wash is the only safe and effective way to remove the staining without damaging the shingles. Never let a pressure washer be used on your roof! Roof soft washing is different because you have to have a dedicated low pressure pump to apply your solution. The specifications for roof washing are set out by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. Who better to tell you how to wash a shingle than the people who actually make them? Following ARMA’s guidelines for effective roof washing require a low pressure detergent application. This leaves the shingles looking as good as the day they were put on and also helps to preserve the integrity of the roof by eliminating the algae feeding on it which can cause granule loss.

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