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Why Seal Your Pavers?

Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Why Paver Sealing Matters!

Our Palmetto Paver Seals division was created to answer the questions many of our Hilton Head and Bluffton clients kept asking us. What can we do to keep our paver driveways, pool decks and hardscapes looking great after we have them cleaned?

We did not have to go far to find the answer. Our national pressure washing and window cleaning association quickly made us realize that paver sealing was a huge add on service offered by many companies like ours all over the country. Finding this out opened up all the information and training we needed to add this awesome service to our portfolio. After a quick trip to Florida for paver sealing training courses we were armed with the knowledge to tackle our clients paver problems going forward.

When pavers are installed they generally have polymeric sand installed in the joints to stabilize the paver system and keep bricks from sliding around under the weight of cars and people. But if you have ever had poly sand you quickly realize that its performance leaves a lot to be desired. It is notorious for washing out and having mold grow in it leaving you with a very unsightly and unstable paver system. On top of the lackluster performance of the poly sand, our Hilton Head and Bluffton sun and high heat rain down damaging UV rays that within a matter of months leave your new pavers looking faded and colorless. Not what you were envisioning when you forked over that huge check, right?

In Comes Palmetto Paver Seals To Save The Day

Our paver sealing process luckily addresses and fixes all of these issues. First we start with a full deep surface clean using our walk behind surface cleaners powered by our industrial high flow pressure washers. These surface cleaners allow us to clean at the exact pressure and distance needed to completely remove all mold, algae and surface buildup. During the cleaning process we also remove all the failing joint sand that was previously installed to make way for the new fresh sand.

We install a special grade of washed and screened sand back into the paver joints once they are clean. This sand does not include polymers like poly sand because our sealer is what actually hardens and locks it in place. Once we have the sand installed at the exact height in relation to the paver stone we then start the sealing process.

We use an industry leading two part epoxy water based paver sealer. It is a color enhancer, mold inhibitor and joint stabilizer. We also have the ability to make it anti slip for use on pool decks and on natural stone such as travertine. We apply two coats of this sealer. The first coat is called the flood coat. It is more diluted then the second coat and is used to flood the paver surface and the joints. Flooding the sand joints with this first coat is where the joint stabilization takes place. This flood coat once dry hardens the newly installed joint sand locking it into place as hard as concrete. On top of stabilizing the paver joints, this rock hard sand now will not wash out and also greatly reduces weed growth, ant mounds and mold growth. The mold inhibitor additive in the sealer is a huge help in keeping unsightly green and black discoloration from growing back into the sand and on the surface.

Once the flood coat is applied we follow directly behind it with the finish coat. The finish coat is a more concentrated mixture of the two part sealer. This is where the superior color enhancement comes in. If you ever notice how bold and rich your pavers look when wet and wished they looked like that all the time then you are in luck. Our sealer brings out all those intricate colors in your pavers that made you choose them for your project in the first place. This wet look finish will be permanent now. It also is not shiny, it just leaves the pavers looking amazing with vibrant colors that were already in the stone before the UV rays zapped the life out of them.

Once the second coat is complete the area is completely cautioned off to keep traffic off. In the case of driveways it will need 48 hours of cure time before it can be opened back up to traffic. Foot traffic, however, can take place about 4 hours after sealing is complete.

Check Out Our Before & After Transformations:

What Can You Expect After Sealing?

The Palmetto Paver Seal process is expected to hold up between 2-5 years depending on climate and usage. Sand break down will likely occur closer to the two year mark where as the finish on the pavers will hold up closer to the 5 years. Depending on how long it last, our pricing to come back and freshen the sand and finish up is prorated by a percentage based off of the original project cost x how long ago it was sealed. At 2 years the refresh is close to 40% where at 5 years it is closer to 90% of the original project cost.

In between seal projects a light cleaning may be needed. We strongly recommend you have us out to soft wash the pavers at this point. Please do not ever let another provider pressure wash your sealed pavers or try to do it yourself. Without the right equipment and knowledge pressure washing can completely ruin your sealed pavers resulting in the project needing to be completely redone.

Pavers go with our Hilton Head and coastal vibe like palm trees and sand. They are becoming more and more popular for new construction and remodel projects. They are certainly beautiful and add flare to every property. With all the positives though, as we have discussed, they can be a chore on the maintenance side of things. But the good news is that with a full paver clean, sand and seal your properties pavers will be the talk of the community year after year.

Unfortunately, we also have to fix a lot of seal jobs. This adds a lot of additional cost and we see poor seal work almost on a daily basis that was performed by the handyman or landscaper. This is truly a case of pay now to do it right, or pay a whole lot more to fix it later. Paver sealing is far more technical than most contractors realize and a poor install will unfortunately leave your property looking terrible until you pay to have it stripped down and redone properly.

So like anything, do your research, ask for references and portfolio pictures as well as insurance coverage from your prospective contractor. Also search the web for reviews. We have over 200 5 star reviews, hundreds of completed projects with before and after photos as well as all insurance documents for you upon request. Pavers are very expensive to install, so why would you try to save a few dollars and use a paver sealing contractor knowing how bad the job could turn out? Doesn’t make any sense when you have one of the top providers in the country for paver sealing right here in the Hilton Head, Bluffton and Lowcountry area.

Go With Palmetto Paver Seals, A Division of Sunco Exterior Solutions And Make “The Bright Choice”.