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Why Is My Siding Stained?

Sunco technician doing concrete cleaning service

Why Does Siding Stain?

Does your curb appeal feel like it takes a deep dive during the spring? In the south, it’s a common issue: Our siding becomes a magnet for grime, growth, and debris.

Decode Your Siding Eyesores

Before you schedule a house washing service, here’s a quick guide for you to decode your dirty exterior:

  • Mold comes in the form of dark spots. They can be small, dark dots or larger clusters.
  • Mildew is the “young” version of mold. It also looks like black blemishes, though they tend to be lighter than mold.
  • Algae looks like a thin green film. It is especially noticeable on lightly colored siding.
  • Dirt, pollen, and other debris make your siding look careworn and faded.

Here’s the good news: with a professional house washing service from Sunco, your eyesores can disappear. We use soft washing to return your exterior to its former glory!