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When To Have Your Castle Cleaned

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How Often Should I Wash My House?

With the nearly year round warm weather(except recently) in the Hilton Head area, we often have clients reaching out to us to figure out when is the best time to have a certain service performed. For the most part, the nice conditions here allow us to perform all of our services at any time of the year.But here is a run down of the trends our clients followed last year.

When To Have Your Windows Cleaned

This seemed to come down to personal preference for our clients. We did see more people wanting windows cleaned leading up to the Holidays and at the begging of spring. However most of our clients have 2-4 window cleaning services per year.

When To Have Your House Washed

Mold is prevalent in our area due to the same climate we all love. For that reason we tend to perform house washing pretty evenly through the year, with a spike after pollen season at the end of March.

When To Have Your Roof Washed

Sunco use a safe no pressure method to remove mold and and stains from shingle roofs. The roof washing service generally allows a roof to stay clean for 3-5 years. We are so confident in this that we warranty our roof cleans for 3 years, no questions asked. This service is arguably the most cost effective curb appeal enhancer you can do for your home. For these reasons, we recommend our clients to have these done at any time of the year.

Hopefully this helps answer a few questions you may have about when to have your castle cleaned!