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What Should I Do After Moving Into My New Home?

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Did you just move into your new home? The worry of looking for a home perfect for you and your family can be very stressful, but once you find one that you love, the endlessness of not being able to find what you want goes away. Your new home will bring you joy and fulfillment with great memories and adoration. However, along with the fulfillment of moving into your home, there are things you should take care of to make sure your new move is as comfortable as possible.

Thoroughly Inspect Your Home

While making sure you have everything packed and situated for your move into your new home is important, you should also thoroughly check your home for leaky faucets, plumbing leaks, and running toilets. These are issues that may cause problems down the line with your plumbing and can become worse if not caught early. To see if there are leaks in your home, you can also register your water meter readings at the start and end of a period of several hours. If the readings are different after recording the water meter readings, then there may be a leakage problem and you should have it checked.

Locate Your Electric Fuse Box and Water Valve

In case of an emergency you should know where your circuit breaker and water valve are located. You should also know which fuses control the house if they are not labeled. If you find that your fuses are unlabeled, then labeling them accordingly will help in case there is a time you have to turn them off in a certain area of the house. Become familiar with the water stop valve and see if it still leaks after you turn it off. If it does, then it is time to replace it.

Childproof Your Home

If you have a small child making sure they are safe is extremely important after moving into a new home. This means after moving into your new home identifying the hazards that could cause harm to your little one needs to be addressed. Plugs should be covered with electrical outlet covers and if there is a changing table it should be secured against the wall. You should also invest in window guards for the windows as well as cordless blinds. Once your home is childproofed, you will not have to worry about the potential hazards becoming a problem.

Change the Locks 

Even though it may have been a while since someone has resided in your home, you should change the locks on your doors for better security of your family and also for better peace of mind. After changing the locks, double checking the windows and doors is a good way to make sure your home is secure.