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What Should I Pressure Wash Before Listing My Home For Sale?

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If you have finally decided to sell your home, but still have a lot to do to get it ready for the future homeowner, then pressure washing it is the first thing that must go on the to do list. Getting your home clean tells your real estate agent and future homeowner that your home was very well taken care of and that it is ready to embrace a new owner, but first you need to know what needs to be pressure washed before putting it on the market.

Clean the Siding of Your Home

The most important thing that must be cleaned is your siding. Clean siding will bring the curb appeal back to your home and also clean the germs, dirt, and debris off. A clean pressure washed home will also get rid of any old paint that has loosened over the years as well. With the loose paint being less of a problem, getting your home painted will help in the selling process. Once your siding is cleaned, you will be able to happily finish preparing the rest of your home for the future sale.

Soft Wash Your Roof

Nothing says ready like a clean roof. Soft washing your roof before you put it on the market will not only increase the curb appeal, but also get rid of any allergens that have made a home on it. With a soft washed roof, your home will be healthier and much better looking with the roof being part of the introduction to the future new homeowner.

Get Rid of the Stains in the Driveway, Walkway

There is nothing like a welcome like the one future homeowners get when first coming to a potential new home. Getting rid of the stains and oils in the driveway is a must if you plan on selling. Pressure washing these stains away will save you on any slip or falls that may happen as well as any breakdown of the concrete that may take place. With a new concrete cleaning, the introduction to your home is one that any potential new homeowner may not forget. Adding in a gutter clean and gutter installation may top it off with it being ready to sell.

Preparing your home to sell may be a lot of work, but once you are done, you will be well on your way to making someone a new homeowner.