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Sunco: Your Powerwash U National Instructor

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Sunco Exterior Services is a National Trainer.

If you’re an existing Sunco customer, you’ve probably gotten the hint already: we take our work seriously. And if you’re a new member to our client community, you’re about to find out.

That’s why we’re proud to be a national instructor for PowerWash University (PWU). Our team celebrates superior work in the power washing industry – and we’re dedicated to promoting the best work in the industry.

Fast Facts on Powerwash U

We love sharing our knowledge of pressure washing with our community. Sunco has been in the industry for nearly a decade, after all – and with that experience comes expertise. That’s why we were proud to partner with PowerWash U. Learn more about this industry leader below:

  • WHAT IS POWERWASH U?This advanced education program prepares the future generation of pressure washers. It provides a balance of practical training and business guidance, so companies can produce superior work and succeed as a business.
    Our team has the formal training to deliver education to new pressure washing companies. We’ve been accredited to deliver educational programs to future pressure washers – and we provide them with industry-leading knowledge and techniques. This is something we’re proud of – we strive to create a pressure washing industry where every customer has access to great service.
    Sunco is owned and operated by a certified National Instructor for PWU. This means that you can feel confident that your home is always in the hands of a leader in the pressure washing industry. We aren’t just providing you with a standard pressure washing service. We’re providing you with one that stands out in the industry.

PowerWash U provides a pathway for pressure washing companies – and the customers they serve – to get the most out of the industry. And the team at Sunco is honored to be part of that process!