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Window cleaning service of apartment building

Apartment Pressure Washing by Sunco!

Taking cleaning and sanitation seriously has never been as important to an individual and public health as it is right now. Especially in high-traffic and densely populated areas like apartment complexes, thorough and effective cleaning is the first line of defense against viruses including influenza and COVID-19. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

An essential service provider, Sunco is standing by to sanitize your property. Our team is specially trained and outfitted with protective gear to clean your apartment building so you don’t have to risk the health and safety of your staff. Trust the pros of this critical service!

In addition to providing thorough sanitation services, Sunco also performs the many other services needed to keep your complex well-maintained and inviting to current and potential residents. These commercial cleaning services include gentle soft washing and pressure washing of exterior surfaces, including roofing, driveways, pool decks, and parking lots. Sunco’s truck-mounted, pole-fed window cleaning system allows our technicians to safely clean windows with purified water, from the ground.

With public safety and health top of mind for people across the globe, show your residents and community that you are serious about the safety and cleanliness of your apartment complex. At the same time, you’ll reduce the likelihood of needing costly repairs later.

If you manage an apartment complex in or around Hilton Head, S.C.; Savannah, Ga.; or anywhere else in the Low Country, contact Sunco for a free estimate.