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Is Your Home Ready For Summer?

Window power washing

It is almost Memorial Day, meaning it is almost summer. You have most likely performed your spring cleaning and have taken out your clothes more suitable for warmer weather at this point. But is your home ready for summer? Increased temperatures and humidity can require additional precautions and maintenance. Here are some suggestions we have to prepare you for the warmer months ahead.

Clean your gutters:

Cleaning the gutters and drains is an important task to do before the summer. Debris builds up over time and can clog the drains. Once mud and leaves pile up, it can create hazards and even lead to leaks into the walls and roof. Removing any build-up from your gutters significantly lowers your risks of water damage. It is also a good idea to make sure all water is flowing away from your home. Make sure your landscape slants away from your property and you have the proper underground pipes installed where needed. If you already have pipes in place, have them serviced as well. By routinely removing vegetation around your pipes and adding a foam layer to the surface of them, you will keep the pipes from bursting.

Inspect your air conditioner:
Things are about to heat up. Now is a good time to change your filter and make sure your air conditioner is functioning property. Once those unbearably hot days come around, you’ll be glad you prepared for them.

Check your central heating system:

Now is a good time to take precautionary measures before the colder months quickly resurface. You do not want to have any complications with your central heating system once winter comes around. It is highly recommended to have your central heating serviced by a service engineer well in advance of the colder weather, and summer makes for the perfect time to do so. Plus, by performing regular maintenance you can extend the life of your furnace, help avoid carbon monoxide leaks, and improve the efficiency of your system.

Take measures to lower your energy bill:

Many studies have been performed, proving that properly installed insulation can drastically lower your energy bill. If you have your attic insulated, it can make a major impact on your costs because a quarter of your home’s heat leaves through the roof. An insulated cavity wall can also be a good idea.

Clean your chimney:
Chances are you used your fireplace quite a bit during the winter. It is also a safe bet that you will probably not use it much, by comparison, over the summer. Now is the best time to have it professionally cleaned. Buildup in your chimney increases the likelihood of chimney fires. Smoke can also seep back into your home over time, especially if the chimney isn’t clean and clear. Use this time to get your chimney ready for its’ next busy season.

Get your deck and concrete surfaces inspected:
Over time, weather ailments take a toll on your surfaces. Your deck can decay and splinter, or be a casualty to insect damage. Getting a professional to inspect your concrete and wooden surfaces is a great idea to make sure you aren’t putting people’s health at risk. Chances are, your deck may need to be stained and sealed if proper maintenance hasn’t been performed in a while.

Wash your windows:
It is warmer out and you probably want to give your home that cozy summer feeling. Window cleaning allows more sunlight to pass through by removing any surface stains or fingerprints. This will naturally warm and brighten your home, allowing you to lower your electric bill.

Clean your BBQ:
While your chimney is about to go dormant, your grill is about to get stuck working overtime. Prior to using it, you should give your grill a thorough cleaning. However, be aware of what type of grill grate you have. Stainless steel, cast iron, and porcelain coated grill grates all require different means of cleaning.

Trim your trees:
Chances are, you have not done this since last summer. You can improve the look of your entire property by pruning your trees. This allows you to direct the growth of your branches, and even improves your trees’ health. If you are uncomfortable with this type of yard work, consider hiring a professional to do it for you.

Plant your seeds:
Gardening can be fruitful, therapeutic, and can make your property look nicer. Now is the time to plant those seeds! Till your soil, buy some mulch, and remove any debris resting in your garden beds. Don’t forget to water your garden consistently; especially during any droughts.

Summer is approaching fast, and these suggestions will help you make the most if it. If you have any other tips or preparations to get your home summer-ready, let us know about them!