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Stay Safe: Leave Window Cleaning to the Pros

Window cleaning of 3rd floor apartment building

Professional Window Cleaning Techniques

Every year, more than 135,000 patients are admitted to emergency rooms nationwide because of ladder falls. Of those falls, a reported 97% take place in non-occupational settings.

Ladders are a key component of the do-it-yourself window cleaning process. But if you don’t have the appropriate training or safety equipment, it won’t just be an ineffective endeavor – it will be a dangerous one.

Columbus Children’s Hospital conducted a 16-year study on ladder falls. They’ve seen a 50% increase in falls throughout the research period, and co-author Gary Smith says it’s time to take action: “Increased efforts are needed to prevent ladder-related injuries in and around the home. Ladders should be treated with the same respect and caution as any potentially dangerous tool, such as a power saw.”

Sunco offers a better, safer solution. Our state of the art window cleaning technology is designed to bring a beautiful and streak-free result to your home, from Beaufort to Bluffton to Hilton Head.

We specialize in delivering a deep clean to your panes – and our safety equipment, modern techniques, and advanced cleaning system makes every step of the solution a secure one.

The most important part? Our professionals will bring the best window cleaning quality to your home… And you’ll get to stay safely on the ground.