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Soft Washing & House Washing: Why It Matters

Soft Washing

Should I Pressure Wash My House?

Your goal isn’t to just invest in your property for the short-term – you want long-term success. Sunco shares the same goal. That’s why we will only ever apply soft washing to your siding.

Soft Washing VS. Pressure Washing

In general, there are two approaches that we take to exterior cleaning:

  • Pressure washing uses a pressurized system to distribute cleaner and water on your surfaces. Generally, we use upwards of 3,000 PSI (pounds-per-square-inch) to clean hardscapes.
  • Soft washing uses less than a quarter of the PSI to clean your surfaces. This means less pressure, less force, and better cleaning potential for those surfaces that need a gentler touch.

There are different cleaning applications for different surfaces. Pressure washing is a great fit for hardscapes, concrete, and even brick. Soft washing is your best bet – the only bet, really – for your roof and siding.

Our House Washing Solution

We use soft washing to clean your house for a few reasons:

  1. It is the safest cleaning method for your siding
  2. It delivers unparalleled mold, dirt, and mildew removal
  3. It allows us to carefully clean your siding without damaging it

With Sunco, you can feel confident in your property’s curb appeal. Get your safe and effective house washing solution today!