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Soft Wash Your Home

Pressure Washing Home

What is Soft Washing and Why Does it Matter?

Every house accumulates layers of dirt and grime over time. Many people are just now learning that soft washing your house is a safe and effective choice when compared to traditional washing alternatives.

Soft wash: gentle on your home

Pressure washing exterior surfaces can cause damage due to the high pressure of the water used. Soft wash uses a gentler stream of water from specialized, low-pressure pumps. Rather than the pressure of the water doing the cleaning, the solution does the hard work. This allows soft wash to be gentle on your home, minimizing and even eliminating surface damage.

Safe for your family

All chemicals used in Sunco’s soft wash solution are safe, both for the environment and for your family and pets to be around.

Not just a surface clean

Have mold issues? While soft wash is successful at cleaning the outside surface of your home, it is also highly effective in fighting harmful molds. This not only makes your house more beautiful, but a safer place to live.

Why Sunco?

Interested in a soft wash for your home? Sunco provides many services, including soft wash. Sunco is a family business run by two brothers who are proud to be friendly and to leave you with a cleaner home.