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Soft Wash Roof

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Soft Wash Roof: The Smart Alternative

Soft wash roof is a method of cleaning the roof of a structure by applying a detergent solution with a low-pressure washer. The detergent is then allowed to soak into the dirt and grime, which is then rinsed away with the low-pressure washer. Soft wash roofing is a great alternative to traditional methods of roof cleaning, such as high-pressure washing or scraping and scrubbing, because it is less likely to damage the surface of the roof.

The cost effectiveness of this alternative makes it both eco-friendly and economical. It saves property owners money on expensive equipment maintenance while still effectively removing dirt, algae, moss, lichens, mold, mildew and other damaging substances from roofs without posing any threats to the environment or nearby structures.

Soft Wash Roof
Soft Wash Roof

This method is environmentally friendly because it uses less water than traditional pressure washing techniques which can use up to 300 gallons of water per minute . Soft wash roofing only uses between 50-100 gallons per minute, drastically reducing the amount of water used in restoring a roof.

This environmentally friendly alternative also ensures that detergents do not contaminate nearby bodies of water by removing them with low-pressure washing equipment, rather than allowing them to run off into drainage systems and sewers which could end up polluting rivers, lakes, and other surface waters. Disposing of chemicals properly can be costly so it is beneficial for companies to choose this method because it will save their company thousands of dollars each year.

Clean roofs are important to property owners who want to improve their curb appeal or maintain healthy building structures. Companies are likely to rent soft wash roofing equipment if they have multiple buildings in need of cleaning since it requires little maintenance.

Pros of Soft Wash Roofing: 

  1. Uses less water- Soft wash roofing uses approximately half the water of traditional cleaning methods, making it more environmentally friendly.
  2. Low pressure- The low pressure of soft wash roofing is less likely to damage the surface of the roof.
  3. Gentle- Soft wash roofing is gentler than traditional high pressure washing, making it a safer option for roofs with sensitive materials.
  4. Widely available- Soft wash roofing is a common service and is available from many companies.
Soft wash roof
Soft wash roof

Cons of Soft Wash Roofing: 

  1. May not be effective on certain materials- Some roofs, such as metal, may be resistant to soft wash roofing and it might not be as effective.
  2. Less powerful- Although soft wash roofing is less likely to cause damage, it may not be as powerful as traditional methods of roof cleaning.
  3. Some chemicals can be damaging- The chemicals used for soft washing are more mild than the high pressure washer’s soap, but they can still damage some materials if left on too long.
  4. May not provide a good enough clean- Soft washing only breaks down the top layer of soil, so it may not remove all stains or grime from your roof. This means that you will need to have your roof cleaned by someone else after soft washing has been completed to ensure optimal results.

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