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Why is Roof Wash So Important and What Should You be Doing?

A dirty roof can lead to a variety of problems, including decreased insulation, increased energy bills, structural damage, and even water damage. By roof wash regularly, you can not only protect your home but also increase its lifespan!

First of all, why is it so important to keep your roof clean? Well, for starters, your roof does an incredible job at protecting you from the elements. However, without proper care and maintenance, this isn’t always the case. Your roof can suffer damage due to debris or excess grime building up over time or during heavy weather conditions. This can lead to leaks and structural damage, which will only increase the cost of your energy bills by putting strain on your air conditioning unit as well as any heating system you may have installed!

Roof wash
Roof wash

Your roof also acts as a good amount of insulation for your home. When dirt collects along its surface it blocks heat transfer between inside and outside where cooler air is being warmed up by warmer air in your attic, which results in loss of energy efficiency.

Water may damage your roof by creating puddles on it. When water gets onto the surface of your roof, without proper drainage it will then run into the cracks and crevices between shingles. If left alone, this can cause discoloration or warping to happen. This can be caused by algae growth due to moisture acting as a food source for the pesky green stuff! Wood species are not very lightweight at all but once you introduce water into their environments they will start to lose weight fast!

 If water accumulates over time it could seep down through your ceiling causing wet patches underneath where structural damage can occur, rotting wood floorboards! The other issue is that water and snow buildup on your roof can be extremely heavy and could cause structural damage.

One of the best ways to keep your home in good condition is by regularly washing it yourself or by hiring a professional service to come out and do this for you. Here are some

Roof wash
Roof wash

 Tips on how to go about roof cleaning yourself:

When the weather is dry, use a soft bristle brush and a hose to remove dirt buildup. Use a broom to gather any larger chunks of debris that remain.

After sweeping it with your brush, wet your roof with water and sprinkle some dish soap over it. Gently scrub this into your shingles using a nylon bristle brush or broom then rinse clean with water from the hose again. This simple method will work wonders while you can easily do this regularly to minimize damage!

Remember not to use harsh chemicals for roof cleaning as these substances could erode the life out of shingles and cause permanent discoloration and damage They also may not be safe to use near vegetation or your foundation.

Remember to check up on any part of your roof that is hard for you to get to, such as a rooftop garden or other more challenging areas. These may accumulate dirt more quickly and require some extra work!

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