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Why It Matters. Professional Concrete Cleaning.

Dirty concrete bogs down the atmosphere of a neighborhood. It shatters any notion of class or quality. Everything feels cracked and it gives the impression it’s not cared for.

Those algae patches, spots of old gum, and mold cut down curb appeal.

Your hardscapes lay the foundation of residential properties. They need to be able to stand any weather. But over time, grime, and tough weather rip that foundation up. Then you’re left with an area where more mold settles in, and the downward spiral continues.

But mold is tough to get out. And it’s dangerous to live around. It not only steals the attention away from your beautiful gardens and landscapes but also causes health hazards. So it has to go.

For the sake of both curb appeal, for the quality of your home (and lungs), it’s worth it to have a concrete cleaning service done. Here at Sunco, we have the supplies and labor force to get that done for you.

Our team takes time with each client. We make sure to understand the goals and customize the experience to your needs. Our cleaning solutions are bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. Which means there’s no harm done to the lawn or to your kids. Our cleaning methods are safe, spotless, and held to a standard via inspection. Everything we do gears toward raising the quality of your home. We can remove any mold or algae, chewing gum, erase stubborn stains, and restore your concrete.

If you’re a business owner and have an interest in getting your commercial buildings taken care of, we do that too. Click here to find our commercial services.

Sunco is family-owned, operated, and the premier luxury home cleaner in and around Hilton Head, SC.