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Sunco: The Professional Window Cleaning Difference

Professional technician doing window cleaning service

How to get streaks out of windows.

A window cleaning project conjures images of a long afternoon spent wrestling with your ladder and scrubbing streaks that just won’t go away.

But what if there was another option? Consider your property’s window cleaning experience – delivered two ways.


As you gear up for your window cleaning service, the s entail. An take two very different approaches.

  • DIY: You clear out the calendar for your next day off. If experience tells you anything, it’s that this project is going to take a while.
  • Sunco: You call Sunco or get a free online estimate. Within a minute, you have your appointment scheduled and ready to go.


The day of your window cleaning project has arrived. Will it consume your day – or take up none of it?

  • DIY: You pull the ladder out of the garage, load up on paper towels, and put your elbow grease to use. The process is ungainly and time-consuming.
  • Sunco: You let our service professionals take care of every detail. Our process includes:
    – Pure Water Technology that uses purified water to clean your windows – and leave zero mineral buildup.
     A truck-mounted system that safety treats and captures all water used in the cleaning process.
    – A water-fed pole that lets us clean windows up to five stories tall – all while our technicians remains safely on the ground. No ladders needed.


Your windows have been cleaned. But are they actually “clean?”

  • DIY: It doesn’t take you long to notice the streaks, or the areas that didn’t make it to 100% clean territory.
  • Sunco: The result is simple: your windows are streak-free and spotless.

professional window cleaning service locks in quality. It guarantees great results. And it makes your life easier.