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How To Fight Black Streaks on Your Roof

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Eliminating black streaks on your roof.

The roof of your house does more than protect your home from the elements. It adds the finishing touch for the aesthetic of your home that you’re trying to achieve. But when you have black streaks on your roof, it can easily create an eye-sore. Thanks to a bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma, black streaks often surface on the side of roofs. It makes sense why this happens, too. South Carolina’s hot and humid weather is a breeding ground for this bacteria, which grows into blue-green algae. The great news is that you can take preventative measures to keep these black streaks at bay. Here’s how:

Don’t Use Pressure on Roofs

When you apply pressure to your roof, you can damage your roof. That’s because pressure-washing is powerful enough to loosen the shingles on your roof. The high pressure from this type of roof washing service produces a force that your shingles aren’t designed to withstand. It is also dangerous to pressure-wash your roof when you’re on a ladder since the powerful stream of water can easily make you lose balance and cause you to fall. So, whenever possible, avoid using pressure on your roof.

Call in the Professionals

You don’t have to battle black streaks on your own. You can call in the help of professionals with years of roofing experience and expertise, such as Sunco. Sunco offers roof washing services to help you manage the black streaks that appear on your roof side. One of the best parts about Sunco’s roof washing services is that it’s safe to use. Sunco safely washes most roofs from the ground using a low-pressure cleaning technique called soft washing. There are no harsh chemicals involved, and it’s done without the hard-hitting water from high-pressure power washes that damage your shingles. There’s also no need for lifts or ladders to get the job done, either. Instead, Sunco safely washes mold and moss away using environmentally-safe detergents and this low-pressure cleaning method. So, you don’t have to worry about damaging your roof or the environment. The soft-washing method Sunco uses is also effective for reducing and eliminating black streaks so you can get the curb appeal you want to achieve.