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How Do I Know When It’s Time To Wash My House

Sunco truck and equipment outside of client's home

When to Wash Your House.

Our clients ask us all the time: How often should I get my house washed? There isn’t any formulaic answer, but there are a few easy ways that you can track the condition of your exterior. Make sure to:


Black streaks, dark spots, green smudges – it’s safe to assume that these aren’t intentional accessories on your siding. If you see these elements on your exterior, your home is likely grappling with a mold or mildew issue. This type of buildup is inevitable in our Beaufort climate, but a low pressure washing service removes these issues.


Does your exterior feel slick or slimy? Algae and mildew can put a slippery sheen on your exterior, and it’s a great tip-off that you’re due for a house washing service.

Check Your Calendar

Haven’t had a professional house cleaning in the past year? It’s time to get your Sunco experts on the job. In a place like Beaufort, pressure washing is the best way to protect your home’s quality for the long-term.

In general, the Sunco team recommends an annual cleaning to protect your home and its curb appeal. And if you’re ever in doubt: Ask! Our technicians are always willing to provide recommendations. We’re proud to be Beaufort’s source for pressure washing and house washing solutions that make “the best” the norm!