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Soft washing definition - Hilton Head

Hilton Head is a dream destination for many. Tourists get to come and enjoy our beautiful views and outstanding weather. But that Hilton Head weather also leads to having to take some extra measures to keep your home clean.

Our higher humidity and warm temperatures cause a host of maintenance issues that we can solve. One of the main issues is that certain algae grows on the exterior of homes at a much faster pace than in other parts of the country. This algae is not only terrible to look at, it also can lead to having structural damage like wood rot and failing stucco. Not to mention most HOA’s will fine you for violating the covenants for the neighborhood.

So how do you remove this algae and other dirt and debris that collects on the exterior of your home? That’s where Sunco comes in. We use a process called soft washing. Soft Washing allows us to clean the beautiful luxury custom homes of Hilton Head safely and more effectively than the old method of simply using high pressure to blast the siding. High pressure not only causes damage to siding and windows, it also only temporarily washes away the algae at the surface level allowing it to grow back much faster. Our house soft wash service utilizes professionally engineered detergents that actually kill the algae before washing it away using low pressure and high volume. With Hilton Head having mostly stucco and hardi plank houses soft washing is the only safe and effective method to achieve a clean home.

We get a lot of calls asking when is the best time to have your house soft washed on Hilton Head. Our answer is always as soon as it is dirty! The pollen season really has no affect on the house staying clean because the rain will wash the pollen off the exterior of the home anyway. Now if you are having flat surfaces like pool decks and porches done it may make since to wait until after the pollen. But for a house soft wash on Hilton Head the right time is usually right now if you are starting to see black and green algae buildup.

We handle a lot of large scale commercial building soft washing on Hilton Head so our trucks and staff are armed with the equipment and knowledge to tackle huge jobs. This makes us extremely efficient when it comes to washing residential homes. Our owner Brian is also a national instructor for PowerWash University based out of Fort Worth,TX. He has online training courses and travels around the country teaching other businesses how to provide the exact service that Sunco provides to their Hilton Head clients. Having someone who stays on top of the latest equipment and training methods provides Sunco an edge that is unmatched in the Hilton Head market. All of this has led to Sunco being the highest rated and most reviewed pressure washing company on Hilton Head while also providing the largest volume of work in the area.

If you are noticing that your house has lost a little of its shine then please feel free to reach out to us and we can get you a free estimate based off of your homes square footage. No waiting for someone to show up for an estimate. We can give you an exact price and set up your house soft wash service all during your first contact with us. Our goal is to provide an exceptional service and pair it with an amazing customer experience from start to finish. We would love to add your to our outstanding family of residential clients. Over 3000 clients cant be wrong.:)